What are the expectations for 11.5?

I am hoping to setup my own strips, a dynamic eq in the channel.

I always think people who ask questions like this must enjoy being disappointed.


Sounds like a terrible way to think

I’d really like a universal channel that could hold midi - a vst instrument - audio. Alot of us start with a piece of midi triggering a VST instrument - then bounce this to audio to manipulate further. If we could do that within the one channel that’d be great.

Maybe work like an extension of track versions with versions being able to be either midi - audio or VST instrument.

that is interesting. I have never thought about that part. I do bounce to audio here and there, but I always keep the midi part muted.

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I could use a single band upward compressor as well. Squasher is ok, but I find it way too easy to overdue.

Man, I would really enjoy making my own channel strip.

Wasn’t there a non-functional upward button accidentally left in the compressor after the last update which they later removed? I imagine they’re building one in if thats the case.

That would be cool :slight_smile: I know its just a wish list, but most the stuff isnt that far off IMO. I agree with you that most of this stuff should be coming soon

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There is something that keeps me quite busy. I’d love to see 2 Pan knobs on each audio track so I don’t have to duplicate them for hard pan. Therefore we won’t have to decrease the volume, and fill the project with a lot of channels.

A step sequencer track type to rival S1 and Logic pro and replace Beat Agent.

use the combined stereo panner mode on stereo tracks.

Hope for little workflow enhancements like,

Global Solo/Mute toggle to last state instead of reset.
Mouse Swipe Solo/Mute/Freeze Multiple Tracks
Modifier key to equalize velocity (ex: option click on one velocity so the rest become same with it)
Modifier Key to end all notes on same spot despite different start times
Piano Roll Range selection or Grid based duplicate option instead of duplicating to the butt of last note.
Piano Roll Note Stretch
Separate Grid and Quantize values for Project page and editors.
Modifier Key to temporary change to range tool (I can not get used to the combined tool unless it changes top to select and bottom to select range)
Drag Midi Region to Audio Track to render. Can already drag to Sampler so…
Better Clip Gain Envelopes with no higher limit.
Sampler Track to have sample embedded and saved as a patch to a custom location.
Overall more custom location possibility to transfer projects between systems easily without worrying missing presets etc.

There is especially one thing that makes me desperate. Please memory for the midi edit lanes in the key editor! If, for example, I set it to have velocity and foot, I don’t want velocity, sustain and expression to appear when I close the editor and reopen it. I don’t want to be configuring it every time!

Being able to turn the metronome on and off from within the key editor without having to exit it would be great too. A button.

That shouldn’t happen. In any case you can save the visible lanes as a preset.

You can use the default shortcut (letter C) to turn the metronome on/off. Or if you want to do it with mouse you can use the floating Transport Bar on key editor, opening it by F2 key .

True! It shouldn’t. I have tried version 10.5 and it works perfect, version 11 however drives me crazy in that sense. Not where the fault will be.
The same happens when closing Cubase. Cubase 10.5 perfect, closes well. However, version 11 always hangs and I have to force it to close with the task manager. And of course, it doesn’t save some settings (like hiding some VSTs).
Anyway, I will have to format and see if Cubase 11 continues to behave the same or finally does it well.

I second the Pattern Editor/Step Sequencer request. Beat Designer is pretty bad. It’s way overdue for a pretty sizeable upgrade.