what are the high end vst plugins ever?


what do real music producing artists use?

i know most of them use real players, but what vst do they use?

im new in cubase just bought 10 pro and i want to skip the average plugins and learn how to use the real stuff and not waste my time.

i need cracked vst plugins couse i dont have money for this (music made me brooke).

can you please help and post here the best ever built?

if its a problem about talking cracked software here, recommend in general

im looking for the best in every one of the following:
i love rock and roll , indie rock, alternative rock , metal and sometimes pop trap chillout

i have guitar rig 5.2 and amplitube 4 - are these the best or theres more?

i have bfd2, is there a better plugin?



reverb, compressor EQ ext…

i hope u can help

thank you

Yep… not the place to look for cracked plugins!!

:laughing: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: