What are the new sounds with dorico 3

I can’t seem to figure out now to install the 8 gig of content that came with dorico 3. I run installer.exe and it installs halion sonic se. Maybe that did install any new content as the choir did get installed.

I looked at the content a bit and I think much of it is the same as what came with dorico 2.Other than the choir, there any other collections I need to copy to my samples drive and make halion aware of them?

On another subject, is there a way to create custom players? At times, I want to create a generic entry for treble or bass clef when I am experimenting with different halion instruments. I do note there is a synthesizer, synth bass, and sampler player type, so those will do the job–I don’t really need to add a different player type, just curious if one can.

The differences are the choir samples (Olympus Choir Micro), the installation of Steinberg Library Manager and the update of HALion Sonic SE to the latest version. There might be other small changes, but they are the main ones.

You don’t need to move content around manually any more - Steinberg Library Manager allows you to move content between drives and to set the default location for content.

Is there any documentation for the Library manager?

I confess, I spent all yesterday reading the Version History, Scoring Notes article, and all the excellent posts here on the forum, so I might have missed something. (Can’t wait to actually dive into the software today.)

Click here for the Library Manager documentation.

Thank you, David. Now safely stored in my Documentation Folder.