What are the physical geometries for all the VST3 Speaker Arrangements?

VST3 documents a myriad of speaker arrangements for spatial audio and gives the “basic” notion of the speaker arrangements as a matrix but this matrix gives no specific indication of the real physical arrangement. For example, there are a number of supported 5.1 formats that all have distinct physical geometries but under the matrix representation are all the same. I need to know what the actual azimuthal angles of the various drivers are to be able to adapt my spatial pan VST3 plugin to support surround sound formats but haven’t managed to find out which particular arrangement enum corresponds to what physical geometry. Can anyone point me to where I might find this information?

There is no specified angle inside VST3 for speaker, if needed the plugin has to define internally a specific representation which could be change by the user.
VST3 specifies speaker name and their general position inside a shoebox and the order of the speaker in the audio buffers (passed in processing)