What are the shortcuts when right-clicking on tracks? CUBASE 12

some of these functions have predefined shortcuts.
what are the shortcuts for these functions?

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They don’t have any. However, you can assign key commands (Steinberg’s term for what you’re calling shortcuts) by going to Edit > Key Commands and assigning whatever keystroke you want for each command. Just search to find the command you want, then enter a keystroke over on the right hand side. If a key stroke is already in use, it will let you know.
Here I assigned Ctrl + Alt + D to the command “Duplicate Tracks”

Now it shows up in the menu, too.

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I understand friend!
but watch this video:

some functions already have the default shortcut!
and these are the shortcuts that I wanted to know if there is in the C12!
because in the video some shortcuts worked others didn’t!
so i guess they changed or removed it.

I forgot about those. Those only work when you’ve right clicked and have that menu open. The way I showed you works whenever.

I forget who posted these but I saved them:

Track header right-click menu shortcuts:

Sends right-click menu shortcuts (Track, Mixer, Channel Settings)

Yes, that’s right!
but some shortcuts did not match with the image in cubase 12!
I think I’ll have to test letter by letter to identify what each one does!
but thank you very much

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Ah, now I get what you’re saying. I have no idea how those are set or if they can be altered.
For the ones that don’t work you could use the other method to set them if they are something you would use often.

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Did you see this note under the video?

The automation shortcuts might not work sometimes if you have “show track pictures enabled”

Is that what’s not working?

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I hadn’t noticed.
I will test and get back to you here.
thank you brother

actually doing some tests here,
I realized that there are more possibilities for shortcuts within these pre-defined options.

I met this option today.
I’m looking forward to learning more!

sorry if my english is not clear. I’m Brazilian and I’m using Google translator

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You’re doing fine. Good luck with the testing.

Here’s a link to a really good Wiki about the Key Commands. User ggmanestraki went through ALL the key commands and categorized them and gave good comments on the use of each. They are listed by category. Click a category and it takes you to all the commands for that listing.