What are the use cases of post-roll


I was wondering what would be the use cases of post-roll

By setting a post-roll value you instruct Cubase to play back a short section after automatic punch out before stopping.

This only works if Punch Out is activated on the Transport panel and Stop after Automatic Punch Out is activated. You can access the Stop after Automatic Punch Out option by opening the Preferences dialog and selecting Record.

Any help would be appreciated.

I use it some times to see how the “punch” lands.

Say, you want to punch a fill at measure 4, beats 2 to 1 of measure 5. The attack of measure 5 is fine, so you punch in at 4.2, punch out at 5.1, post roll 1 or 2 beats.

If you have tapemachine style monitoring, then you hear the track playing before reaching 4.2, at 4.2 you monitor and record your fill and upon reaching 5, punch out stops monitoring and recording and you listen to the good attack of 5.1 up to 5.2

“Couldn’t I just press stop myself, you say?” Of course! It’s just one more option.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Very well explained!