What are these numbers called?

I wanted to find a place for settings of these numbers that count how many repetitions of a measure there are (the 4 in parentheses in the attachment), but I can’t find any documentation for them because I don’t know what Dorico calls them. Does anyone know what they’re called, so I’ll know what to search for? Specifically, I want to globally adjust where they’re placed horizontally over the bar.


Bar repeat counts.

I’m not sure you can adjust their position globally, though, seeing as they’re designed to be used with repeat symbols rather than musical notation.

Thanks, Leo. You’re probably right — I didn’t think of that.

It would be nice if bar repeats could be configured to display the music rather than the symbol. You see this a lot in 19th century timpani parts, for instance, and I quite like it… both helps the player count and also allows to look at where they are, rather than having to be looking back at the “seed” phrase.

Agreed, Tyler. In fact, the part that I showed in my attachment above is a timpani part.

I did this recently for a project. I wanted to keep the music but still have repeated bars numbered, so I went to ‘Engrave/Music Symbols/Repeat last bar’ and deleted the symbol. Since I didn’t need the repeat symbol, this worked for me, although I had to adjust the height of the numbering so as not to collide with the music. I also changed this setting when making PDFs for the different parts.