What are these vertical lines?

Just wondering if someone can please tell me what these vertical lines represent?

looks like MIDI CC messages

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OK Thanks! It was AFTERTOUCH data. Not sure why it was there or if its necessary - seems to be output from my Komplete Kontrol controller.

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Easy way to check this in future is to look in List Edit and filter out Notes.

Also this is an easy place to delete the spurious data.

You can of course filter out Aftertouch data in MIDI settings in Prefs.



Thats a great discovery! Thank you!
May I ask when would someone want to record aftertouch data when capturing MIDI?

To capture modulation done via aftertouch for instance :slight_smile:

For single hit drum sounds Aftertouch doesn’t make much sense

But Aftertouch can be delightfully expressive if a synth sound is programmed to take advantage of it - like for example when wanting to invoke a little modulation manually, without having to use a mod wheel.

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Hmmm, ok. Is there a way to simply get Cubase NOT to show the aftertouch data as vertical lines in the Project Window? I’m ok with capturing the data - I just dont want it to add more lines to the Project view…

Preferences > Event Display > MIDI then uncheck Show Controllers. This will, however, hide all MIDI controller data from the display (like velocity, pedal, etc.).

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If you are also OK with not capturing the data

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