What are these?

Hi guys,

Hi have these pink block on top of my top stave. Can someone please tell me what it is.

Thank guys

These are signposts that indicates some of the hidden info in your score. Dorico seems to think you have a new time signature in every measure. Did you import this file from xml? This might be why.

You can probably delete most of them, but watch out for actual meter/barline changes, as these will be deleted as well.
You can hide signposts from View -> Signposts -> Time signature.

Hans, this is what you get if you import a MusicXMl from Finale, and the Finale file uses a different underlying time signature from what is displayed, e.g. if the real TS is set to 4/4 and you’ve (by design or mistake) clicked the “use a different time signature for display” (and set it to 12/8) …

Aaah thanks guys.

I thought Daniel said they are stripping out all the unnecessary stuff when importing from XML.

But your correct, it was imported from Sibelius 8.

Regards :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I would call time signatures “unnecessary”.

Of course MusicXML and Dorico doesn’t know WHY you want a time signature in every bar, and can’t guess!

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Hans, I think what Daniel has said is that forthwith one will have greater control over which parameters gets imported. I guess importance is a personal thing :slight_smile:

I’m no Sibelius expert, but in my experience, in order to create your problem scenario there, you would have to repeat the time signature at every bar, and then hide them… why…? (just curious :slight_smile: )

Sometimes Sibelius gets over-enthusiastic if you use copy-and-paste. Maybe Hans was trying to copy a rhythm before repitching the notes, and copied the (hidden) time signatures without realizing it. Just a guess!

No hell, I just created a xml file in Sibelius to import into Dorico. Thats all. No hidden time sigs etc.

Anyway guys, how does one HIDE these “Flags” because they appear on the printed page! And I don’t want it printed?


In print mode, uncheck the View options at the bottom of the right panel. That should do!

Genius, thanks very much.