What are you using for slap back delay on vox?

I haven’t been able to get happy with ModMachine for that, it sounds quite metallic and phasy on voice, so much so that I went looking for alternatives. This is with all the ancillary processing (Drive, width, etc.) turned to zero. Using the HPF helps, but just a bit for me. Used as a send effect.

It’s a shame because all those other controls look like they could be very nice.

I poked around the presets on Magneto 2, but didn’t see a preset for that … Anyone know if that tape machine does tape delay, or is it only for saturation?

Currently I’m using a doubling plug-in with just a touch of timing modulation, then eqng the output. Sounds clean and great, but it’s far from the 1-step solution I was hoping to get from ModMachine.

Well the silver lining for me is I learned that a non-tempo synced delay can sound just fine!

What are you guys using for vocal delays?

Waves J37…

Lexion PCM Dual Delay

the wall of the barn opposite the studio

UAD RE-201.

You could try Karlette, that used to be pretty good for a nice rolled off delay. I think it’s still available in the legacy plugins folder??

If not, you can get Karlette here:

64-bit too! Thanks for the link. I gotta few more things to troubleshoot with ModMachine first, I have a feeling it might not be playing well with the EMT 140 I set up immediately afterwards.

If I can’t get rid of the metallic sound, maybe I’ll head there!

There’s not much SoundToys EchoBoy can’t do delay wise… massively flexible :smiley:

Or if you want it hardware, I recently bought a Behringer VM1 which is a ‘modern’ vintage Echoboy clone that actually sounds great. On gearslutz most people preferred the VM1 in a blind comparison to a real Echoboy :slight_smile:
And it’s very cheap!

edit: sorry, VM1 is a memory man clone, not echoboy. Doesn’t matter, it can do slapback :wink:

Echoboy - Soundtoys

The free Kjaerhus Delay…

Hi - thanks for all the tips!

I did try to look for the Kjaerhus site to read about it and maybe download, but http://www.kvraudio.com/developer/kjaerhus-audio says … “no products currently available”. Though there are a bunch of 3rd party sites that allow download of Kjaerhus plug-ins, I’m hesitant to allow downloads from those sites I don’t know much about (concerned about “extra goodies” getting downloaded too).

Does anyone know where the Kjaerhus url is?

Thanks -

I’m sure he gave up and disappeared! i’m sure i read this on either gearsluts or the UA forums…
I’m pretty sure they were only available in 32Bit form too although they did bridge quite well as far as i remember…

From the cakewalk forums… http://forum.cakewalk.com/Anyone-know-what-happened-to-Kjaerhus-Audio-And-what-does-it-mean-for-VC64-Sonar-plugin-m2002630.aspx

SoundToys EchoBoy.

Any manual or guide for this plug-in? The GUI is hard to read. Would be great if someone would tell me how I can do stereo slap back delay with this!