What are your favourite little things in Dorico?

Instead of all the posts about what you would like to see added to Dorico, let’s celebrate the things that are already here - particularly the little things that others may have overlooked.

For me, the fact that we can now change any musical symbol with any symbol from any other font – or collection of symbols, or graphic, or string of text – is amazingly powerful.

And when importing XML, the new command to Reset Instrument Names is a massive time saver.

I really enjoy, that the text editor is (so far) always fully visible on the right-hand sight of the screen! Before 3.5.10 I had to move the view quite often, to make the editor fit on the screen!

And the possibility to position line annotations inside or outside the line. Now I only have to create a line once and can flip it, if I also need it below the staff.

Coming from Finale (and also Sibelius), my list is quite long, both of large and small things. My major uses revolve around layout, lyrics, flows and being able to move them around (a nightmare in F) and occasionally figured bass, and what I love the most is the level of thought behind every function and the intelligence with which it has been implemented. Along with this, and just as important, is how solid and trustworthy Dorico is. I’m used to having to hold my breath and keep my hand on Cmd-Z during every operation, and even then that function wasn’t always able to undo the mess created. It should also be mentioned that the help and support on the forums from both users and Steinberg employees is, in my experience, unprecedented. As Daniel recently remarked, once Dorico becomes as widespread and popular as Cubase, that level of individual support may be difficult to maintain.

Little things? Do I have to restrict myself to LITTLE things?!?

For me it isn’t little: the whole set of condensing features. I waited for years for Sibelius to do it and they never did. When Dorico first announced it, I was very skeptical. I thought sure there would be some gotchas. There aren’t. I love many things about Dorico, but condensing has to be number one.

For me it ain’t a little thing, It’s huge;

The fact that the GUI and menu structure is not at all like the mess they made in Cubase. I use Cubase about as much as Dorico, but in Cubase it is definitely a love/hate relationship.

Lines, microtones, onboard sounds, tempo tap, aggregate time signatures, I could go on for awhile!

I love how I can write my music without even touching the trackpad. Composing is like typing a novel, and the narrative of the music can flow uninterrupted.


Brilliant Claude!


Lyric text alignment.

Makes me grin like an idiot every single time I click on that little button.

Dorico has so many fabulous features both little and big that it is hard to know where to start, but perhaps my favourite feature of all is this amazing forum. The amount of information and support promptly available from both team members (especially but not only Daniel, Paul, Ulf and Lillie) and experienced users is truly amazing and, at least in my experience, simply unparalleled.

I love the note spacing tool. Incredible.

Amen to that!

So many things, big and small. A big one is of course the Flows. I did a chamber opera last year and to print the parts and the score was so simple, perfect and fantastic!

For me, it’s the principle of Dorico being smart and semantically aware. Because of this, we get many nice things: automatic rhythm spelling, flexible meters, smart accidental handling, custom tuning systems, dynamically linked cues, divisi, condensing, and a bunch of other features — each, when released, blew the competition out of the water.

Besides that, I also love the graphical settings UI, the signpost system, and the concept of flows/players/layouts.

Popovers. Genius.

It’s probably greedy to nominate more than one but there are days when I think the unsung hero of Dorico is Bravura.

A great choice.