What are your must-have Keyboard Maestro macros?

Title says it all. I just bought KM and I have a couple KM macros I needed, but I’m wondering what other must-have KM macros people have created so that I can create some more that maybe I don’t even realize yet that I need.

I use QuicKeys for macros but there’s no reason you couldn’t program the same in Keyboard Maestro. My most used ones are for nudging items. Rather than Alt>Arrow key, I’ve assigned the keystrokes Alt>Up, down, left and right to the F Keys, 1 thru 4. One key, rather than 2.

One of the few things I missed about Finale was its ‘meta-tools’ which enable entering elements rapidly with a held key and a single mouse click. I use Keyboard Maestro in Dorico for the quick entering of common dynamics, commonly used text items and for setting up tuplets. I have Ctrl + a number key set to the most common dynamics. I do have to select the note first but it’s almost as quick as the meta-tools. I also have shortcuts for cresc. and dim., arco and pizz., changing clefs, and tuplets.

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@notesetter, do you still use QuicKeys?! Does it still work on current operating systems? I used it happily for many years, which attests to its solid programming, but it became more and more difficult to get it to work with the newer systems and I switched, albeit reluctantly, to Keyboard Maestro. I don’t regret the decision. KM has a good team still developing it, they have tutorials for people coming from QuicKeys, and they have good personal support if you get stuck.

I’m still on Mac Sierra - QK works fine. I think High Sierra was the first OS where it no longer worked. I know I’m on borrowed time with Sierra, so plan on switching to Keyboard Maestro and a new computer pretty soon.

I Use F18/19 for copy and paste. Easier than Cmd+c/v. Also because I’m left handed I don’t have to take my hand off the mouse. I use this is all applications.

Cntl+Shft+c/d for crescendo/decresendo.
Shift+1-6 for pp to ff.