What are your navigation tricks?

I don’t always have a great way of navigating to where I want to go in Dorico quickly. I’m using way too much of the scroll bars, especially to move horizontally. This can’t be the most efficient way.
Does anybody have any good tips for this? A special mouse with 4-way scroll function? Some handy shortcuts?

I love my trackpad/touch-pad for multi-dimensional swiping navigation, for what it’s worth!

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The Home and End buttons (if you have them) move one page along.

I think I added key shortcuts to “Go To Previous/Next Flow”. (Command Shift [ and ] )

Other than that, like Lillie, I’m a swiper!

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On small keyboards, Fn-arrows work as Home/End and PageUp/Down. I use these for 90% of my score scrolling.

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If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold Shift while scrolling to scroll horizontally.


I use a Microsoft 3600 mouse with a multidirectional scroll wheel, to scroll vertically and horizontally and Ctrl for zooming.
Very convenient

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I use very much (together with the scrolling in the four directions with Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad) the following assignable Key Commands (Preferences/Key Commands/View). Very comfortable!
They work in Write Mode (Page View and Galley View), and in Engrave Mode at any zoom level.
In combination with Zoom Whole page (option+control+0), Nr. 1. and 2. move to the next/previous page :slight_smile: :

  1. Move view right (I assigned with: control+option+command+right arrow)
  2. Move view left (I assigned with: control+option+command+left arrow)
  3. Move view up (I assigned with: control+option+command+up arrow)
  4. Move view down (I assigned with: control+option+command+down arrow)

And of course the Go To command (command+G) where you can navigate to the flows and their specific bars.
Or the Jump Bar (J) with Go To selected: f3 to go to flow 3, b42 to go to bar 42, p31 to go to page 31.

For Zooming: command and scroll up/down on Magic Mouse for example. Or you can assign different zoom levels shortcuts in Key Commands. I assigned for example one Zoom level where I can see the Page exactly so big as it looks when printed (on my Retina display 27" the Zoom at 152% gives a perfect 1:1 rendition of the page) to check the readability of notes and text.

Many options :slight_smile:

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