What are your thoughts on Nuendo 7?

Hello Brave Pioneers!
I want to upgrade to Nuendo 7, but I am worried about the bugs, audio drop outs, incomplete features and so forth that come with a Nuendo release. What are your initial thoughts about this new version? My goal is to collect your thoughts. Please do not begin a discussion on any of the responses to this questions. I just want your initial thougths.

Initial thoughts are that it is good.


The lack of full screen support in Mac is the reason I am holding back.


I’m using it daily for real work with great results and stability.

Up to now everything is fine for me… works as expected.
Thanks Steinberg.

Been working on it since the day of release, very stable and pleasant to use so far for me, working with large Orchestral Templates.


It’s stable, but for me, it feels not as good as Version 6.5. I don’t know why … the big bars around the windows maybe?

Its been rock solid. I have it installed on my PC rig, no issues and stable.

I work with N7 since the first day (10hrs/day). Absolutly no bugs for me. Hope that’s help you.
Best Regard,
Michel Blanchet

I’m finding that the new window management system is tripping me up every now and then. I have devices that execute key commands and macros, and if I’m not careful Nuendo will switch windows instead of triggering commands, or even switch apps to different software. It’s quite frustrating for dialog editing where I use KCs so frequently.

excellent, no big issues so far, just some occasional window troubles when ALT-Tabbing to other programs.
A bit let down that the inspector width can not be adjusted, my instrument names are quite lengthy and partially still unreadable due to that reason, no improvement to previous version.

Thank you guys! I look forward to the experience. As always, Nuendo will be the heart of my studio.

I find Nuendo 7 slow in all operations. Audio playback stutters and stops. Export takes 5x as long as Nuendo 6.5. Uses only one processor (multi processing is enabled in VST). Each sub window in the work space shows as a separate program in Task Manager. The work space layouts are don’t fit my screen (1024 x 1620). What’s not to like about Nuendo 7 :wink:

after upgrading from N4 on OS10.8.5 to N7 on Mac 10.10.4 i must say that

N7 , at least on Mac , is not very snappy… , after pressing play it often needs a half second or more to play ,
N4 on 10.8.5 is much faster in that aspect ,

when i compare N7 and PTHD12 on Mac , the often “slow-tools” called app
is much snappier with same audioengine and buffer as N7

i dont like the meters in the mixer , cant see any relevant , besides clipping ,
the old meters ( N4 and N5.5) where much better.

stability ?
few crashes on the first two days , maybe due to plugins (Waves V9 , Komplete10)
but in general workable.

macpro 4.1 8-core 24 gb Ram , yosemite . Motu Ultralite

Working great on 10.10.4. but without knowing your hardware, its hard to say.


can you please let us know your system specs (incl. hardware interfaces)?


Today, I took the leap of faith. I purchased a boxed version of Nuendo 7 plus NEK. I chose the boxed version because it feels a lot like Christmas when that package arrives in the mail, and it’s nice to just have the install discs available whenever necessary. I’m looking forward to seeing some of these ITB plugins, in particular the Multiband Envelope Shaper and the De-esser…fingers crossed.

Congrats! I hope you will enjoy our latest release.


We could use some information about when the first maintenance and bug fix release will show up and also how many of the issues will be fixed.

It would also be nice to hear an outline of what and when will be added to the rudimentary (and now buggy) VCA functionality.