What are your thoughts on Nuendo 7?

Just ended up with a first Mix on N7, 20min Documentary, and I have to say I’m not very impressed.

  • Window management is just not working for me. I’m used to do most restauration external in RX and switching between softwares is totally messed up. Even to pop up a windows-folder for dragging the edited files onto Nuendo-timeline is a huge task now. When Nuendo is minimized, and I just select a windows folder, media bay and markerwindow is popping up again, to get all Nuendo-windows back after hiding is nearly impossible here without re-creating the workspace over menu.

  • VCA’s are not working. I mean, how can it be, that I cannot do any trim-automation if a track is connected to a VCA? That should be one of the first issues discovered in beta-testing, since trim is the most likely way to go in a post-mix.

  • This aero-theme. Even without transparency and other user-definable changes, the title-bars are much more clumsy now. In addition it takes much more GPU-Power which I really recognize here.

  • Finally, an old one, I just was annoyed by a large amount of trys to get a video (with playout) prepared for sending a approval-preview. Many errors about not deleting an audio track, and video service not responsive, video-converting in external mpeg stream-clip, puh, what a mess in a media post production software workflow.

    So right now, the only thing which makes me happy in new N7 is that we finally can work with the HiCut/LowCut since it now got definable slopes. Thank you for that one, it was the first time I did a complete mix without a third-party EQ.

It’s been very good for me.
Have only done some music, voice recordings and a sound design project for a museum yet, but so far there were no big unexpected hiccups. I’d say it’s probably one of the best .0 releases I have ever seen.

On a side note:
Maybe the new window handling (that is more like the way it was on OS X for many years) takes some getting used to. I intensively use spaces (os x screen sets) to switch between apps rather than trying to minimize all Nuendo windows, and maybe that’s something that gets you up to speed again on Windows. I needed to find a new way for me to solve this when I switched from PC to Mac years ago.