what audio technique is this

hi all=)

in this file, you can observe the bass sound left and right channels fluctuate against eachother…

does anybody know how this is achieved?


(download the picture and open it with winrar or winzip)


April 1st already?

It appears like there is a skew effect applied to the bounding box that holds the composition.

Dead link, nothing to download?

Skew effect? Hmm… Cant find a lot of info on it…(in the audio realm)…lol

@others-> You cant see a picture with a note?

I don’t see anything having to do with left and right channels. I see two notes connected by a bar (two eight notes, or something like that).

Yeah… Download that picture and open it up with winrar or winzip…

What I’m hearing:

  1. A bass note with a slightly changing panning, starting ~15% left, moving to center and back again.
  2. A bit of distortion in the right channel

Not really getting any fluctuating… I’m listening on good headphones btw.

Thats actually amazing…

I should have thought about putting it through headphones first too… Dunno if i would have recognized it, but it would have been a good start… Hard to hear that on monitors in a soup of sound…

Slight panning and back again (one way left and possibly the other way on the right channel) with a specific pan law would explain the waveform…

Interesting and thank you for your analysis:)

Edit: what good headphones?:stuck_out_tongue:

AKG K612Pro’s :wink:


Very interesting. I like your interpretation of it. Probably the best cover of that I’ve ever seen.

Hes a natural…clearly…!