What bar do YOU start from?

'Taking a survey…
Which bar do you prefer to start from, Bar 0 or Bar 1? Which do you think is correct?

I start recording from bar 3. First bars are used to set the cc 1, 5 and 7 levels.

Bar 10, Projecttime set to 0 at this position.

Anywhere I feel like.
But I never use a template, and like to mix things up, using different production techniques.

I start from bar 1, as the metronome is set to a 1 bar count in .

In project setup I have added a -1 bar before my actual start at 0.

When exchanging work in progress with others, I would normally use 1 and 2 for count ins (which allows easy syncing of overdubs from other places). I often find that sync is just a few milliseconds off and I encourage contributors to include my audio count on their files so that I can lock them down precisely. Productions would usually then start at bar 3.

If I am working up a production or remixing, I will usually move everything forward 30 seconds or so and use that space up front to store sounds ideas and musical phrases. These are easy to locate to. Odds and edits that I want to keep for now, but may not be used go beyond the production. Of course any tempo mapping would move too in that instance.

Bar 9 or so.

Always have started from bar 3. Seems sorta right :slight_smile:

Bar 4ish for me. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I generally prefer to start from the bar furthest from home and work my way back … wait, what are we talking about?

I most commonly use a 2-4 bar “lead in” with bar 1 starting at time “0”.


Sorry I misread the question.
Start at the Blue Oyster Bar.

Bar 1, mostly because it gets me some space between 0 and 1, so for editting and scrolling it works better for me.

I usually just start at bar 1 when starting a Project. But often I’ll use Insert Silence to move everything later if there is any reason to do that.

My biggest bar count issue is I usually do my drums internal to BFD3 and its bar 1 is always Cubase’s bar 0 so it is easy to confuse the two.