What cabling is needed to connect iPad Pro to UR242?

I know the USB connector on the back is USB 2.0. So, is there a single cable I can get to connect my iPad Pro, or do I have to buy a cable and a camera connection kit too? If so, which cable?

I don’t know about UR242, but I’m using an USB to lightning adapter to connect my Focusrite 18i8 to an ipad air. Works fine.


I use the original (older) Apple Lightning to USB 2 Camera connection kit. It is just a simple adapter that plugs into the iPad and allows you to plug in a standard USB cable to connect a UR242, a camera, or whatever, to the iPad. Mine works fine on my iPad Pro.

I’m curious about the new Apple Lightning to USB 3 one, though, because it has a port so you can connect a charger for your iPad at the same time. The original one doesn’t allow this, so when the iPad battery runs down, so do you.

Does anybody have success using the newer one?