What can Dorico elements do what Cubase Pro 9.5 can't?

Hello Doriconians,

I already own Cubase 9.5 and it has an advanced score editor. I’m not a big notator, so the Dorico Pro is too expensive for my limited skills. But does Dorico Elements offer scoring possibilities that Cubase 9.5 hasn’t?

I’m not enough of an expert in Cubase’s score editor to speak with real authority here, but what I would say is that Dorico’s feature set is more clearly specialised towards the production of good-looking pages of music that require little effort beyond simply adding the necessary markings and then printing the pages out or exporting them as PDF, etc. With Cubase, it’s definitely possible to produce very good-looking pages of music, but the amount of effort required to get them looking just so is enormous compared to the effort required in Dorico. When the Dorico Elements trial is available, I suggest you give the MusicXML export/import workflow a try and see whether you like the look of the pages that Dorico Elements produces for you by default.

Thanx Daniel, I will try the trial! :slight_smile: