What can I connect to ouptputs of my UR22C?


I think my question is really simple for most of you but I am a newbie in this domain.
I just bought an UR22C, especially to hear a better sound from my laptop and to connect synthesizer to my laptop (midi connections).
I had planned to plug UR22C output to an input of my HIFI ampli (with jack to RCA cable). Is it right or must I connect to specific loud speakers ?

Thanks for your help.



Yes UR22C line output goes into your AV/Aux input on HiFi (not direct to speakers without an amp).

I’m assuming you’re connesting the UR via USB to the pc, and have configured the UR to be your default sound output device so that all pc sounds go through it from whatever source within the pc (software synth / DAW etc).

It will not give you the keyboard-synth sounds however, only pc-synth output as generated by your MIDI input signals, which have no audio (only note on/off/control signals), so you’ll have to use a pc internal synth to translate those signals from MIDI to an actual sound. Depending on your laptop internal synth (default or stand-alone downloaded synth), the sounds may be better… or possibly worse, depending on your external (keyboard?) synth quality.

If you want to use your keyboard as a MIDI-only input to any (of potentially hundreds) of downloadable synths, just the MIDI connection will do. Configure your UR as the MIDI input for those synths.

Dont forget to install the latest UR22C Yamaha drivers from Steinberg so your pc recognises it as a known ‘Device’.

NB: If you only wanted to hear what your external synth sound like thro your hifi, the UR will make no difference. It’s a high quality digital to analogue ‘sound card’ which relies on digtal audio input from the pc to do its job.

If you want to control or ‘mix’ the pc sound output with the Audio output from your external synth, you’d have to feed the synth audio output phono output(s) in to a UR Line Input 2, if you want the facility of your desk mic in to Input 1 (as my preference).

I did use an old Roland keyboard ‘synth’ as input for MIDI only. Now I use a MIDI-only keyboard and other MIDI controllers, so I never connest any Line In except for desk Mic.

Hope this helps, and not confuses :smirk:
age-compromised newbie


Thanks a lot for all these informations. It is exactly what I needed.