What can I do if Dorico email support ignores my support ticket?

Sadly, dorico for ipad has been a huge disappointment to use. To me, it’s just not ready, and I fully regret paying a lifetime fee for something that does not work properly.

The issues have been brought up plenty of times in these forums. Buggy touch screen navigation behavior being a major one that hinders usability. If that wasn’t unfortunate enough, an attached keyboard cannot perform scroll navigation either. This has been up in the air for over a year at this point and the dorico team has done nothing to correct the issue.
The last thing I wanted is to take this to a public forum, but I am really left with no choice. It’s been months since I submitted the support ticket and I was completely ignored.

What can I do?

You wouldn’t happen to be in Australia would you? As an Aussie I am forced to go through Yamaha support, who know nothing about Dorico whatsoever, and take months to return a reply to a support request.

I am putting this here in the small hope that one day a Yamaha manager may hear of this and do something about this parlous situation. In practice, there is effectively no support for Dorico in Australia.

What can you do? First realise that thousands of users have good experience with Dorico, so it may be your local situation. Next, describe the version you are using of Dorico, and iOS, and what keyboard is causing the issue also. That would be helpful. Since you are finding support unresponsive, the forum is going to be the best way to sort this out.

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I’m in the U.S.
iPad 9th gen
iOS 15.4
Logitech combo touch keyboard.

From what I understand, no keyboard supports the scrolling behavior I described, though. Several users have described some of the same frustrations I have regarding dorico for ipad.

In all honesty, I would just like my money back for the lifetime unlock I purchased.

If not a full refund, at least a partial one. Dorico for ipad has been completely unusable to me, and i am short 120$ on something that I don’t use.

The version of dorico I am using is the latest one available on the app store, don’t have the exact number on hand.

The problem with asking for a full or partial refund is that you would have to erase all copies from your system, and while one may very well be honest about that, there is no way a company can be assured of it. Hence the usual corporate policy of no refunds. You can understand why. You could try asking, but I think the answer is predictable. It’s caveat emptor I’m afraid.

You should be able to request a refund through the Apple Store, as they gatekeep the payment.

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@benwiggy so that’s good. I am not a Mac/etc user so I did not know that.

As Ben suggests, you can contact Apple and request a refund; refunds are given at Apple’s discretion, and there is nothing that an app developer can do to handle a refund for an app or in-app purchase bought from the App Store.

Apple’s App Store support representative may well ask you to contact the app developer in the first instance before they provide you with a refund, and you can send them a link to this thread as evidence that you have contacted us, and indeed point them specifically to this reply, since I am a Steinberg representative.

Obviously I’m sorry to hear that you find Dorico for iPad unsuitable for your use. Because Dorico is built using the cross-platform Qt framework, it requires considerable effort for us to add support for iOS-level hardware and software features that are not already supported by Qt. Although Qt’s support for iOS is really pretty good, unfortunately it tends to lag behind the latest software and hardware features added by Apple, and at the present time, Qt does not support the Magic Trackpad on iOS.

It is possible for us to add support for these things ourselves, of course, but this is a non-trivial effort that requires careful prioritisation within our small development team. As you will understand from your own working life, there is an opportunity cost associated with everything you decide to work on: when you are working on something, you cannot work on anything else.

We are planning to move up to the latest version of Qt in our next major development cycle, which should provide benefits across all of our targeted platforms, though so far as I know even the most recent version of Qt still does not provide support for the Magic Trackpad.

We understand that this is an issue that is important to you, and one way or another we do plan to support scrolling via the trackpad in a future release, but unfortunately I cannot provide a timescale for when this is likely to happen.

In the meantime, a new update of Dorico for iPad will be released soon, alongside the next update to Dorico for macOS and Windows, which will bring a number of improvements in keyboard handling and will fix issues experienced by some users on specific iPad models with the app freezing when you attempt to interact with certain UI elements, along with a good number of improvements shared with Dorico for macOS and Windows.

I hope that you will keep an eye on Dorico for iPad and be willing to give it another try in future.


Thanks for your response. I apologize if I came off as overly harsh. I do love Dorico for desktop (windows).

Yeah you were right. Apple denied the refund. Really don’t see how it’s my fault when I didn’t know only apple could submit a refund. Submitting a support ticket to dorico was a waste of time since they didn’t respond and the apple return window expired. Now I’m short 120$ for something that will sit there until it’s ready, meanwhile both Steinberg and Apple are claiming that nothing can be done.

Real crummy experience this has been.

I’m really sorry that this experience has left you with a bad taste in your mouth. I hope that the coming improvements to Dorico for iPad will make the software feel more valuable to you.