What can I do to browse my wav files without mouse?

Hi bros
I wonder that I can browse my wav files without mouse in cubase.
Is it possible ?

If I know correctly, that is impossible because I can’t move between folders and files in the file browser of cubase without mouse. So I have to use mouse to browse my wav files. right?

If I want to browse my files with midi controller or keyboard, I have to leave Cubase.
Is there any way to browse without mouse in Cubase?

Anybody knows?

Well I’d never tried before but in the Media Bay the Up/Down Arrows move through items, the Left/Right Arrows open and close Folders, and the Tab key moves through different fields like the File Browser, Results, etc.

I just found these by trying them out - you can do that too. There may also be other useful keys. It is probably also worthwhile to look at what’s available under Key Commands.

Hey bro
I’ve tried but left/right arrow keys and tab key are not useful to move between folders and files in mediabay.
What can I do?

I try to find in keycommands. thanks.

Are you on a Mac? I’m on PC.

I’m using cubase both windows and mac.
What did you do to move between folders and files in mediabay or file browser?
Could you let me know ?

I’m using the up/down arrows to navigate the sub-folders in the MusicProjs folder

On the Audio Lab folder the left and right arrows expand and collapse it

On the Atomic Beat folder, Tab takes me to the Results section, but because nothing is selected that isn’t visually apparent until you use the up/down arrows to navigate through the Results. If something in the Results area had already been selected the Tab action would visibly highlight that item. Also it takes many Tabs to go from the Results back to the File Browser section.

Media Bay arrows and tabs

If you reopen this gif in its own Window/Tab you can see a larger version than this.

I have watched your gif now. Thank you for your reply.
It’s not comfortable if I want to comeback to folder’s place, But, yes, tab key is working, OMG!
Thanks a lot !

Do you know this way for file-browser in Right-Zone(CMD+OPT+R)?
My question is for right zone exactly, but THX for your reply!
The mediabay was not useful for me because it’s too slow to pre-sort, but I’ll try this to file browsing. Thanks a lot.