What can I do with the AI versions of Cubase?


I have several of these AI versions of Cubase, but never used them since I bought the Elements and Pro versions.

What exactly are these versions comparing to when it comes to the three versions called elements, Artist and Pro?

And can I use them on any computer that I want? I have 3 computers that are all pretty new, the oldest one is from may 2018… Or can I give them away to friends for them to use them on their computers? I dont tend to sell them and I guess you cant do that either. But I have several of them and dont need all of them! I mainly use C10 Pro myself and the C7 Elements which I paid for in a store here in Stockholm, Sweden. But I also have: Cubase AI 10, Cubase AI 8, Cubase AI 7 and Cubase AI 6. What can I do with these versions of Cubase?

Regards, from Robin Gardner


Please go through the Cubase editions comparison chart.


Thanks for the link man! I am looking at the comparison charts right now!! AI seem like a “dumbdowned version of Elements”, but it’s not that bad at all!

So I might keep the AI 10 for my third computer then… I have three fast, quite and stable Win-10 computers at home (all new ones with at least SSD, 16 GB Ram, i7 core, etc). So then I could use the AI 10 on my weakest one, then on the middle strong one I can install the Cubase 7 Elements (and upgrade it to version 10) and install my Cubase Pro 10 on my monster computer (that also has stuff like Thunderbolt 3 on its motherboard so I can use an Apollo x8 interface with that one). Thanks, now I know what to do!

The rest I can give away then!

Have a good day!

Regards, from Robin Gardner