What can i do with triggerpads?

What can i do with chords/sounds under the triggerpad of a sound in HAlion 5
Other then listening to the triggerpad sound i do not see else whatto do with it

You can use them f.e. as an extra controller for a load of things.
Key is to assign them to a hardware controller and not solely use them onscreen: f.e. use your keyboard for adding key-switches, but you can use any controller for this.

Right click on a pad and you will find a function called assign pad, then locate the key on you keyboard.
Next step is to link the pad to a certain function within halion, f.e. to different variations. (present in midi modules, arpegiators, drumeditor, … etc)

this is how you make key switches in halion.

You’ll find a lot of these implementations on f.e. the world drum set, or many times in the orchestral add-on for halion, and even in the standard Halion Sonic SE module. You can not only use them, but you can make your own)
I’m not sure if you can assign any availeable function to the pad, but sure there are loads of possibilies.

You will recognize the key switches on the virtual keyboard in halion as the orange or blue keys, depending on the type of engine you use.

hope this gets you a bit further.

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