What causes Cubase to blacklist a plug?

Not specific to C9, but any Cubase/Nundoe vers - does anyone know what is the specific cause for the app to blacklist a legitimate plug that has been installed properly?

It would be because of the plugin misbehaving in some way that will cause Cubase to be unstable, or it simply being a 32-bit plug-in. Most likely it has nothing to do with how you installed it.

Thanks for the reply.

OS, Cubase and plugs are all 64-bit. No 32-bit plugs.

What do you mean by “a plugin misbehaving”?


I don’t know the specifics… I read that one issue has to do with bad memory management.

All of the 64 bit plug-ins that have been blacklisted here, none of which I miss since I still have them in VST 3 mode, caused any problem in Cubase that I remember. But having said that, Cubase 9 definitely runs smoother now than it did in Cubase 8.5

I’ve found that the license registration process for some plugins will cause the plug to be blacklisted. Right after installing C9 I purchased Synthmaster and a couple of Izotope plugins. Even though it looks like the blacklist process is trying to accommodate plugins that open authentication dialog boxes, all 3 plugins ended up blacklisted on first run because they were trying (with no success) to open a dialog for the authentication process. Once I un-blacklisted them and ran it again, it worked.

Ooo - I just found something out… the hard way. :laughing:

Not having the proper Microsoft Viusal C++ version causes some blacklisting.

I guess that’s because a plugin you use requires that to run properly?

I guess… :laughing: