What causes poor sync to certain performers using their IPAD?

I have been using VST performer with many of my vocal students, and most are using their IPADs, they are all on wifi, and I am using a wired connection to the router.
I never have had any problems with lights going red, yet last night, a new student and I couldn’t seem to sync for more than 30 seconds and then it would get wonky and turn red, then green then red etc.

Was it the wifi connection of the student? or is there some other setting that I should be looking at?

Everyone else seems to work fine when I have lessons. Just wondering if there is a reason for the dropped sync.


quite probably the wifi - obviously impossible to be 100% certain.

Wireless networking isn’t the perfect solution for low latency / realtime, media transfer - so many things that can go wrong with it

hard to say. So you record your students, or just “chat”? In the first case I’d recommend to have a look at the Remote Latency setting and increase it to 2 or 2.5 seconds (it should be at least 1.5 seconds anyway). Second guess is to make sure that the student doesn’t run other (background) tasks accesing the internet. Finally make sure that upstream settings aren’t set too high.

Thanks so much for the replies, I will double check those things. Since the app is available for Ipad, and obviously Ipads are strictly wifi…I was just wondering if there was something I was missing.
I think people that have poor internet connections, definitely do have some problems connecting during the lesson. And, yes, we are recording…not just chatting. Usually it works quite surprisingly good. Just a couple of people had sync problems. I think its the wifi too.

I can get great performance over wifi but there are so many variables

signal strength, interference, shared wifi channels etc etc - generally much higher latency - so it’s harder to get good performance and it’s impossible to guarantee it even if you have a lot of internet bandwidth.

FWIW you can get ethernet adapters for IOS - not recommending them of course as I’ve never used one…