What computer for Cubase 11

My computer u a about 10 years and I want to upgrade , I built the last one l wondering if that is still the way to go , or just. Get one already put together I would want 2 hard drives , I know what the suggested specs are , looking for more specific info Thanks


Here you can find the System requirements for Cubase 11.

You can also download Cubase 11 Trial and try it on your system by your own.

Yes I already have running it had cubase over ten years , looking for any tips for hardware above the min specs that are worth investing on. Thanks for the response

Every time I did a new built, my best advice was taken from the computer/hardware forums here. My current machine is heavily inspired by the user named „Wepsta“ - many thanks out to him!

I’d recommend taking a look at what components are being used by folks who build PCs specifically for DAWs. They’ll have researched what works best with what.

Even though I’m technical I never build my own PCs because I’m a real klutz (…humm, I bet the screwdriver shouldn’t go through the motherboard, oh well…) so these folks built mine


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In the UK there is Scan and PCspecialist.

Browsing these configurations will help give you an idea of general specs.

i made a new system because my pc was 12 years old
i configured an amd 3950x 16 cores with 32 ram ech 8 ram in 4 slots
1 very fast ssd 2tb and 3 other harddisks with a buch of software and runs perfect
I took me almost 7 days to install my software but very pleased now
Good luck!

Agreed look at what the specialists do. I also used cclonline as well as scan. Both are good. I used to build my own but since Ccl only charge about £50 and you get a guarantee. You can also get a base model and then customise.