What configuration for my Cubase interface ?


I start composing this year. I have a 16" laptop with touch screen, and a 23" monitor. I would like to open the windows with a lot of datas on the second monitor (key editor, mixconsole,…) and keep the “control” buttons and toolbars on the main.

Seems that I can’t have much control over the Cubase UI. I can’t move or resize the toolbars, can’t detach the Project Zone from the Project Window, …

Do you see an efficient way to organize myself with my current hardware?

My idea is that

  1. the second monitor is big enough for me to show all the datas, especially if I remove the other parts (left and right zones, toolbars)
  2. I could put the toolbars on the main screen, where I have enough space to show all buttons and the ability to touch the screen

Thank you.

If you were using a laptop with just it’s own screen you’d likely use the Lower & Right Zones a bunch. Some (or all?) of those uses you can now do with stand alone Windows on the 2nd monitor - like Key Editor, Media Bay, etc. What you decide to stick on that monitor depends on what elements of Cubase you use the most frequent.

raino, I updated my first post to explain my ideas.

you can speed up the workflow with cubazen and a touch screen. there is a demo version for cubase and nuendo**


I know some folks here have problems with Workspaces on multiple monitors, but they work fine for me. Have you tried arranging the various Windows to your liking and then saving that as a Workspace so you can always get back to it.