What controller data on midi track written?

I loaded a project file and it seems that there is expression and velocity as cc used for the tracks
Also there is a blue curve (global) on all tracks … think this is volume ?
How can i check this ?

Can you post a screenshot?

Well this is a example…could not figure it out :blush:

Probably expression… Open the MIDI editor and look at the CC lanes and see which one matches.

Controller data shows up like that, look at it in list view to see what it is.

Or key edit down at the bottom but it only shows one at a time and you have to select which you’re looking at.

If you want to delete it look at it in list view and select one of the events you want to delete and hit filter, that will show you all of those type of events. Then select all and delete.

Actually, you can add multiple CC lanes to display simultaneously.

It seems to be indeed expression CC1 and 1easy to see in the listeditor, but in the keyeditor not to recognize at once.
It must be expanded the measures to get roughly the same shape as on the midi track.

Good to know, I’m just learning 7.5 from sx3.