What Cubasis should be

It’s clear what the direction and purpose of Cubasis is: To be a mobile quick-and-dirty scratchpad version of Cubase for the serious user AND/OR a complete solution for the casual user who want more than what Garage Band can offer. But somehow, the platform and processing power do not make it intuitive for that. I’d imagine for most, we’d rather start up the notebook/laptop.

What would prefer Cubasis to be is a songwriting tool, more specifically melody writing. And have tools and features that cater to that.

For instance:

  1. voice-to-MIDI input that will allow me to “sing” my parts and then edit the MIDI data.
  2. MIDI chord progression generator
  3. Melody generator
  4. Groove/riff/vibe generator
  5. Lyric-writing tools

Please Steinberg.