What device, what midi input keyboard, what soundcard

I’m setting up a digital recording suite and I would be very grateful to get some hardware advice.

I want to get a dedicated device, probably desktop, to run my cubase programme and store all my Cubase recorded outputs. My inputs will be midi from a keyboard, and audio via a small mixing desk. Can anyone give me advice on how to choose the device, the midi input keyboard, and the soundcard? Is there a device which has cubase and soundcard preinstalled? I don’t want to use it for anything else.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me get this project set up. I ran cubase on my WinXP when it was called Steinberg PRO-24 and got that all set up right so with the right starting equipment I should be OK.
Thanks again

There are PC stores that build preconfigured DAW PC’s. It depends on where you live which options you have in that regard.
It’s cheaper but more work to build one yourself.