What did 8.5.10 fix?

What were actually fixed with the 8.5.10 update?
NOT even close to fix the VCA problems :astonished: :open_mouth: :unamused: :imp:

The things changed has been for the worse IMO.

Back to that horrible “Intelligent Name Abbreviation”, AGAIN. After finally got it fixed/changed for the better a while back (yeah yeah, I know it is by design bla bla…)

Even more “Hovering Control design” :smiling_imp:
PS. First time I have seen a name for it though (yeah yeah, I know it is by design bla bla…)

WHY? WHY? WHY??? Do they have to change these GUI things back and forth, back and forth? :smiling_imp:

Sorry for ranting (and I’ll go back to 8.5.0), but I’m curious if there are/were no point in this update what so ever?

What have they fixed? Very little.

Just when you think you’ve gotten used to the things they’ve botched in the last release, bam!
Another round of hover buttons salad.
Apparently they have plenty of time on their hands for this kind of stuff. For actual bugs or workflow enhancements…not so much.
I really missed those idiotically truncated names. They keep me alert.
“Intelligent Name Abbreviation”? Ouch! Is this how they call it?

Steinberg needs to understand that these questionable design choices have to be optional.
Why is this so hard for them to grasp?

What does this “several issues” mean?

B-15605 MIXCONSOLE: Fixed several VCA Fader issues related to writing automation


Try running a big/demanding project - see if it runs easier in 8.5.10. See Check how your setup compares - basic benchmarking? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Locked up at first…

It acts up when I switch between tracks…just locks up in a buffer then comes to in about 6 seconds.

Welp, Finally got a crash out of it…
I might have to roll back as this is also taxing my meter…crazy.

I’m actually pretty disgusted right now.


Well for starters…my hair. This update finally fixed my split-ends!

Oh, and the mix console looks a little more snazzy?


I am reading that pdf… wondering if any of it matter to my workflow, as I…

… Absolutely HATE that they changed back to the horrible “Intelligent Name Abbreviations” (Why? WHy? WHY?).
Makes it harder to read insert names, or need wider (zoomed in) tracks to get the same/proper name info.

I am back on C8.5.0 for now.

Is all fixes in that pdf verified?

What I’d like to know is whether there are any fixes or added features that are NOT documented?

Anyone… anyone? Bueller?

Me too.

I can run the Eight Good Reasons sample project with 64 buffers with room to spare now - prior to 8.5.10 it wouldn’t play at all such were the severity of the CPU spikes. I’m not holding my breath though - maybe it’s just deciding to behave to wind me up! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a day off soon to revisit some of the mixes I was working on and had to abandon - we’ll see if it’s really fixed!