What did I do to the pan settings in mixer?

Its now got a different view. Like a square box instead of traditional… How do I change it back lol


lmao… I remember when I did this too… :laughing:


Where it says Equalizer to the right there’s the Load Preset box.
Under that there is this little BS of an Icon…

Unreal right?


Aloha R.

More info on and around page 186 in the manual:

The pan control allows you to position a channel in the stereo spectrum.
• To make fine adjustments, hold down [Shift] when you move the pan control.
• To select the default center pan position, hold down [Ctrl]/[Command] and click the pan control.
• To edit the value numerically, double-click the pan control. The Stereo Balance Panner
The Stereo Balance Panner allows you to control the balance between the left and right channels. It is activated by default.
The Stereo Combined Panner
With the Stereo Combined Panner, the left and right pan controls are linked and keep their relative distance if you move them. It is available for channels with a stereo input and output configuration. To activate this panner, open the context menu for a pan control and select “Stereo Combined Panner”.
• To set the pan independently for the left and right channels, hold down [Alt]/[Option] and drag left or right.
• To reverse the left and right channels, pan the left channel to the right and the right to the left.
The area between the pan controls changes the color to indicate that the channels are reversed.
• To sum two channels, set them to the same pan position (mono). Note that this increases the volume of the signal.

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Ahh…Pan setting…for some reason my brain went to EQ…

Right Click on it…
There’s the standard Panner and Stereo Combined Panner
also, ALT click brings up a panner popup…

EDIT: ^^ What he said!! ^^ :sunglasses:


Thanks guys but wait I’m confused… I can change betwen the standard and the combined but thes square box is still visible, was this always there and im just tripping?


**"Square Box appears when the Combined Panner is on.
Standard Panner has the regular “stick in the middle” look

or you’re buggin :laughing:

That’s from an old Cubase but idea is the same



are you routing your tracks to a Stereo bus, or a Surround bus? Because the surround pan looks like a “square box”. Or what do you mean by square box? Could you upload a screenshot?



actually, you don’t really need to route any track to the surround output for the pans to change. Just by having a surround channel showing up in the mixer, all your pans will become surround pans.

Hope this helps

I think maybe absynth is somehow routed to a surround channel dont know why and this is the reason for the issue…

Thanks guys!