What Did Santa Deliver?

Me? Overwhelmed by Amazon vouchers, stunned by a polo shirt, charmed by a thing-what-you-use-to-flip-over-food-in-a-pan, made speechless by a fleece jacket, and made woozy by a glass of Prosecco. :smiley:

I hope all your dreams came true! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in San Francisco. My brother gave me a limited edition baseball commemorating the Giants World Series victory – very cool. My mom gave me a turntable – haven’t owned one in years. Time to get the LP’s out of storage

Cool – now you can begin your new career as a luthier!

Eh … if you and 'er wanna monkey around on it … you can call it the CatamORANGUTANG :slight_smile:

BTW … great chat last might.

All the best

I got two pairs of thermal socks and a slug.

Not sure what this refers to. here in the states, it can mean:

A. a slimy invertebrate that crawls along the ground

B. a shot of booze

C. when someone hits you

D. a shotgun shell

So WTF DID you get? :laughing:

A. :slight_smile:

… but it was scarcely a replacement.

Shiney new toys with lots of buttons and swtiches!

:sunglasses: apart from the usual hangover and flatulence our household now has a new $200 frypan, this android apad II I am using as I type this, and some new additions to the wardrobe.

Cubase 5 tutorial dvd set :ugeek:

(I don’t do manuals! :slight_smile: )

Sweet FA… except a sore head.

This modhran gave himself a bodhran.

Mum gave me 2 pairs of thermal socks, but no slug.

Though I do plead the Fith on account of having a couple of Doug-Option ‘A’ moments.

Luxury cheeses and cooked meats from Harriet. Bottle opener from Alex and family.


Mrs One gave me an Alesis drumkit!

Complete surprise. I had no idea, I had vaguely expressed that it would be cool to learn the drums some months ago, joking that every proper studio need a drumkit, and then forgot all about it.

So when this huge box appears I really had no idea what was in it.

What a great present.

Now… What’s a paradiddle? :slight_smile:

Line 6 wireless guitar system, Apple TV, video games. :slight_smile:

//:LRLL RLRR :// suggest you practice ‘open- close -open’ :ugeek:

I traded my xmas wish preseason for a bass upgrade :smiley: Chistmas day brought the aftermath of a Christmas Eve celabration. Joy was had watching my sons open their gifts, but as time passes, my wants and desires change, so this year the best gift was my extended family spending time enjoying the day and relaxing together. :slight_smile:

My wife actually surprised me by getting me two tickets to see Rush on the Time Machine Tour. :smiley:

She’s claiming she’ll come with me to the concert (MSG) but I call bs on that too. So I’m considering finding someone else to come with me. :smiley:

er … wait until you are Sure that She’s Sure that she’s not coming …

BEFORE finding someone else to go with you.


I got my wife some 64bit Beanflicking software. had to return it. kept crashing.

Accessories accessories and more accessories. Since I’m the odd one out for studio stuff, and my family knows nothing about music I asked for all the stuff that I always forget about. Things like cord organizers, notepads, pens & markers, batteries, flashlights etc… Now I’m stocked and happy. :slight_smile:

Also, for the less “fun” part of my life. Clothes and other stuff. (Very needed, considering I dress like a bum most of the time).

A low key Christmas due to economic hardships, but not too bad all told. I’m with JSW though. Family and friends, and watching other open their gifts is far more fun. :slight_smile:

Now, on to insane amounts of drinking. :laughing: