What do folks like for room correction?

I’ve been using a JBL MSC1 to do room correction in hardware since forever.

Well today it reached the end of the line and won’t even power up. :cry:

Was wondering what other folks like to use for room correction. I kinda prefer a hardware solution, but that might only be because that’s what I’ve been using.

Sonarworks Ref 4

How does that work with the mic? The MSC1 came with a specialized mic it used for the calibration. If I use whatever mic with Sonarworks how does it keep me from calibrating to the mic rather than the room?

It is sold including a mic.
But also without, if you got a measurement mic yourself.
I don’t use it, but had the opportunity to test it using my own mic, and the result was abysmal.
The additional latency is also a negative

Low Tech, But it works.

I’m looking at getting Genelec SAM monitors, I just tested 8330:s and I think they work amazingly well. Would love to get 8341:s, but they are too exepensive. Sonarworks Ref 4 works well imho, but latency is about 45 ms on my system.

I’ve only ever used the headphone version, which is brilliant. I remain sceptical about the room version whether with their provided mic or not…just seems like too many variables involved.

I only use it at mixing and the latency is not important then (there is a zero latency option too but supposedly that has potential phase issues).

I’ve been using IK Multimedia ARC for years, it really helps.

I use IK multimedia ARC 2. After treating my entire room with acoustical treatments arc really seems to make everything translate very well. You just have to remember to turn it off when you are exporting. Wonderful product.

To avoid this you use Control Room and put ARC on an insert.

Ah yes, and by happenstance when I searched for it the first hit was for without the mic so it wasn’t obvious the mic version existed. :unamused:

Trinnov is the best I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard quite a few. Can’t afford it myself, unfortunately.

Sonarworks 4 along with the best acoustic panels and treatment i could get away with in the limited space i have in my studio. Doing the best you can do with acoustic panels means Sonarworks has to do less correction, which is a good thing. Sonarworks is really pretty cool, though you do have to be religious with your listening area and sweet spot. Great tech for the home studio anyways!

I am using Genelec 8320 with GLM in the living room. The correction made a huge difference.

On my computer I use ARC 2 plus Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack. This way I can apply the room correction to any source on the computer (e.g. Spotify) not just my DAW.

I do a similar thing using Plogue Bidule. Because the RME drivers are multiclient and have loopback facilities, I can run ARC and have everything coming through it all the time, including Windows audio and other mastering programs without incurring any more latency than what the RME driver is set to.

Latency for me doesn’t matter because I use Apollo for monitoring and I don’t have a MIDI studio. Mostly real instruments and Analog Synths.
I use an instance of Cambridge on every channel (which I don’t print) to approximate the Sonarworks Correction curve.
Works really well.

Sonarworks Ref 4 used here as well
Never found latency a problem with it
Use it on the control room output


I used version 3, and from what I can see there has been quite a few changes.
If it is practical for the user then it’s absolutely worth taking a look at.

Great thread, thanks for sharing the information and ideas.

I was reading this article on the subject: https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/ik-multimedia-arc-2

I hope to be setting up a new space soon and hope to get the room sounding nice.