What do I do if none of the support methods provide any solutions

I have been trying to get quick controls working right for 2, or 3 years. Why can’t I get a solution?

Possibly because using a program like Cubase requires some level of education on the basics of audio engineering, production, and technology (like MIDI), whether that education is self-taught or formal at an institute or college. Technical Support isn’t there to resolve you not bein educated, but instead to resolve actual issues with the software and or a combination of the software and the users system.

That being said, the forum is a good place to learn, but you haven’t provided any insight into what your problem actually is (which is also why support isn’t helping perhaps)

Here is what you do. You have two options:

  1. Answer the questions posed to you 2 hours ago in your original post.
  2. Put the technology aside for a day or two and play your instrument of choice , or sing , or do something creative that does not require a computer.
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