What do i do with activation code?

I am sure I am being dim, but I have spent ages trying to register and license the Cubase LE5 I got yesterday packaged with a guitar effects processor. I have tried searching on the forum, but I guess no one else is quite as stupid as I am!

OK, so I gone through a number of steps to register the Cubase LE5 software so that it doesn’t expire in 30 days. I went to the eLicenser and so on and have got an activation code for the software. But what do I do with it now…? I have somehow managed to get a permanent licence for LE4 but LE5 is still showing that it will expire in 30 days and that I need to register it.

Does this make any sense? I hope someone will be able to help me… :slight_smile:

You take the # at the top of eLicenser to get an activation code at MySteinberg which you use at eLicenser to download a license.