What Do I Do With The Additional Content Sounds Installer Files

We have purchased 15 licenses of Dorico 3.5 and on the downloads page along with the installer is an 8.6GB download containing ‘additional content’ called "Dorico Pro 3.5 · Sounds Installer (Content) "

On extracting the download there is no install program just a bunch of files but I dont know what to do with them!

Do they need to be imported in to the Dorico software or do they just need to be saved somewhere so the users of the software can browse to them and open them up as and when needed?

They are the instrument samples used to provide playback sound. Just install them, and Dorico will use them. Just double click on it.

How do you install them as it just looks like a normal zip archive file to me with no .exe or .msi intallation files to run?


I’d try unzipping it first.

Hi! As per my first post, I have extracted (AKA unzipped) the zip archive file - what I need to know now is what to do with the extracted files?

You say I need to install them, how do I do this please as there is no installation program to run?

Sorry: I’m on a Mac, and the files are a separate installer. I’m sure someone who’s installed on Windows will be able to tell you.

I can’t remember, but one of those files must be a setup.exe or other kind of executable that launches the installer.

It could be that the location where you have unzipped the downloaded zip archive has exceeded the maximum allowed path length on Windows, resulting in some files being missing from the unzipped archive. More information here.

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Thanks for that - I was extracting it on a network share and the install files werent there which was confusing me!!

I now have the following 3 files to run:

and Setup.exe

Do I need to install all 3 or will the Setup.exe install the 2 MSI files as well?

The setup.exe shall be enough as it launches then the other two.