What do I get if I purcase Absolute? (Halion)

I have Cubase artist 7.5 and the plug-in version of HALion Sonic SE included. Which version of HALion do I get if I purchase the Absolute package? A permanent license to the trial version, I know. But then, on the page where you buy HALion Sonic 2 there’s an option to upgrade the Absolute version. Same with HALion 5. Is HALion Sonic SE an old product, replaced by HALion Sonic 2? Is HALion 5 the next generation? Seems strange to upgrade something twice to get the current full version, maybe about to be replaced allready …

HALionSonic SE 2 is a special edition of HALionSonic that is included with Cubase Artist 7.5 and is separate from the HALion 5 and HALionSonic 2 program family. The Absolute VSTi Collection gives you a full license for HALionSonic 2, Padshop Pro, Retrologue, Dark Planet, Triebwerk, and Hypnotic Dance.

HALion 5 is separate from HALionSonic 2 and is the flagship sampling VSTi for Steinberg.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! So, a second upgrade will leave me with both a full version of HALion Sonic SE, and a full version of HALion Sonic 2?

If you purchase Absolute, you will have HALion Sonic SE2 (which is part of Cubase, and has nothing to do with Absolute). You will have a fully licensed version of HALion Sonic 2 (notice I did NOT say “SE”), which is the big brother of SE. You will also get the sound sets that Josh mentioned, etc. You will not get HALion 5 (the grand-daddy).

Absolute (the version for Cubase owners) is advertised with a permanent license to the trial version of HALion Sonic SE included in Cubase, so it has something to do with it.

I believe it says that it includes a permanent license to the trial version of HALion Sonic included in Cubase (which is separate from HALion Sonic SE). HALion Sonic SE is a light version of HALion Sonic that only works within Cubase and is included in Cubase. With a Cubase license, you ALREADY have a full license for HALion Sonic SE.

No, I have a trial version of HALion Sonic SE, which I will get a license for so I can use it as a stand-alone as well. What I will get, I have found out, is an upgrade as well, to HALion Sonic 2. I still don’t know if I’ll have both versions, but then, what’s the point in having SE if you have HALion Sonic 2?

You are confusing HALion Sonic SE with HALion Sonic. The answers to your questions are all here.
Best of luck to you.

In your introduction you said have CA + HSE.
This is the stock std ltd rompler with Cubase.
If you bought absolute you would get HS - the fully featured unlimited version of HS"E".
Yes you will 2 of the same sounding thing, but they are not quite the same.