What do I pay for Halion Sonic?

I am a Cubase 6.5 licensed user and I read that as such I wouldn’t have to pay full price for the Halion Sonic sounds. I’ve gotten a message saying “The license for application for HALion Sonic 1.x M6 will expire soon”. I can’t remember if I ever purchased the product so I’m sure what to do…whether I’d be upgrading or just getting a discount since I’m a Cubase user.

When I sign on and put Halion Sonic in a cart to buy the price looks full UNLESS I click on I WANT THE UPDATE OR UPGRADE. Is that the one I would purchase? A little confusing since.


Note that Cubase 6.5 gets Halion Sonic SE which already contains a huge soundlibrary. Have you tried it to see if that fits your needs already? That’d save you an upgrade :wink:

It also lists the programs, you cann upgrade from, so if you own one of those, you should upgrade, if not, you need the full versin - that simple…
And if you don’ t know what you own, you should find it out…

If you’re looking to permanently activate the demo of Halion Sonic that you got with Cubase 6.5, you’re in the wrong area of the store.
The thing you’re looking for is titled “HALion Sonic (Activation Code)”.
It’s under (in the store) Accessories → Permanent licenses for trials for ~ $199 (versus $249 for the retail version).

Aloha guys, Just to chime in.

I liked using HASE so when I went to buy HalionSonic, my check-out cart
said because I still owned the license for the old HalionPlayer, (not HalionOne)
my up-grade fee would be only $99.00 USD.


Obviously HalionPlayer is on that list…

Seems that if what Strophoid said is true, that Cubase 6.5 already comes with an SE version, then why would I get full license on the version I got when I ordered the software. They seem to have names that very similar. A bit confusing.

When I was ready to buy I asked some forum questions about this.

I was under the impression that HASE was a sort of ‘lite’ version of HalionSonic.

I was wrong. They are two separate products.

Read here:


HalionSonic and HalionSonicSE are obviously not exactly the same, but I was under the impression that most of the sound library of HalionSonic is also in SE, just with less tweaking options. But what do I know, I’ve never used HalionSonic.