What do these asterisks denote?

Hello, I cannot find in the online manual what the asterisks mean or why some have them while others, like Aftertouch, do not.

Also, when recording MIDI sequences directly from my Desktop into Cubasis some MIDI tracks do not record the Program Changes/MIDI CC that are embedded in the first bar of each song.

Are these two issues related? Thanks!

CC tracks with the asterisks contain some data.

Thanks. Any idea why some tracks aren’t recording Program Changes while others do? When I set up the template I just duplicated the first MIDI track/channel that I created 15 more times. so there are no differences between them, filter-wise or anything else. I’m recording using MIDI Clocks with Cubasis sending and the desktop sequencer receiving. I generally have all ProgCH and CC in Bar #2, during count-ins, so it’s not a case of them getting missed, bunched up at the beginning of the sequence.

No clue but as with most things related to Cubasis some work-arounds are needed.

In this case I would manually enter the program change into a separate midi-event at the beginning of the project and manually edit the midi-event for each track to set correct parameters.

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