What do these lines indicate?

I noticed some of the tracks have these lines and some don’t. They are on both mixer view and project so I assume they mean something. I don’t even know where in the manual I’d look to figure that out. Anyone know?

may i assume you are using Mackie Control on one of your devices?

these lines indicate the eight channel strips to be controlled by your physical MIDI controller running the Mackie Protocol. you should be able to shift them in groups with “Left” “Right” buttons on your controller.

when the line is ON, in the Cubase Mixer Strip, you can control that channel with your physical MIDI controller; Fader, SMR and Pan.

No, I’m not. Also, sometimes they aren’t all right next to each other and skips a track or two… I have a Nektar Panorama, so maybe that it is? It’s never really been set up right and it’s not even in “cubase” mode. I also have the ipad Metagrid app running. I’ll look closer at seeing if somehow it’s related to the nektar. Thanks though, it sounds like it has something to do with a controller being mapped there in some way.

It indicates the bank of tracks the remote is currently on.

Ooops… my bad…

Hmm… not set up right eh… go into DEVICE SETUP and try adding the Nectar Panorama as Mackie Control. After that move some fades and knobs on the Nectar. Something should happen.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I’ll figure it out…It’s good to know where I’m looking now. :slight_smile: