What do we get with Cubase Pro 8.5

Well I just received an e-mail from sweetwater, advertising The new Cubase, and listed as the content you get was this list.
Cubase Pro 8.5 and Cubase Artist 8.5 come with HALion 5, Groove Agent 4, The Grand SE 3, and more, so you’ve got plenty of music-making power at your disposal, right from the first time you boot the program!

Please explain

I think there is an misunderstanding or just an copy-paste-error by you or sweetwater

on sweetwater´s site there stand nothing like this (anymore)

You must be looking in the wrong place, just took a look and it’s still there.

Allen, can you post a link to the claim you get all these Steinberg VSTi’s?

I’m searching sweetwater right now and not finding any mention of Halion 5,

This would be a little more accurate…

from the Sweetwater website, Cubase 8.5 full boxed version…
Included instruments:
HALion Sonic SE 2, Padshop granular synth, Retrologue w virtual analog synth, LoopMash 2, Groove Agent SE 4 drum machine, and others for over 3,000 sounds.

Here is the article that was sent to me in a e-mail

The boxed version probably comes with trials for Halion 5, Groove Agent 4 and The Grand SE 3. They wouldn’t give these away for free, specially considering that Groove Agent 4 seems to be selling fairly well.

Thanks Allan,
Proof is right there. A strong example of false advertising if these VSTi’s aren’t included. Makes no mention of trial versions!

The “Trial Version” for Cubase Artist 8.5 won’t be available until January,2016 according to Cubase Homepage. Not sure if they will do one for Pro.

Let’s be clear, we weren’t talking about trial versions of Cubase. Thread is about what is included in Cubase Pro 8.5

I’ve dealt with Sweetwater for several years and I have to believe this is a mistake, an honest mistake. They have no reason for this kind of deceptive behavior.

Did anyone contact Sweetwater and ask them about this?

just my two cents.