What do you express with lines?

Looking at the new line editor and lines in general, can’t say as I’ve seen or personally used lines much previously, guessing it’s a tool more for modern music perhaps? How do you use lines?

Only time I’ve used them is pencil notations to indicate phrasing. Oh and I have read them in piano scores, particularly Bach such as WTC, where I believe they are used to show where a voice is, when it moves from one hand to another in a complex 3-4 part counterpoint.

It’s mostly a contemporary thing. Modern music uses lines a ton, to express all sorts of things.

Yeah figured as much, unfortunately didn’t play much contemporary in my performance days. Any guidelines on usage, or is it all over the map?

Some of the lines are great for analysis too. Here are a few systems from a handout I made for my Improv class last week:

Yeah Fred, analysis is a good application. You guys got me thinking, these would be useful for the synths I need to use. For example showing a modulation.

Note to the developer that did the line editor - this stuff is genius, very impressive. One tweak that would be useful is to having finer control of the repetition. For example if I was showing a modulation, specifying approximately the rate (e.g. 4/quarter note or such) would allow me to indicate more specifically how much I want applied.