What do you guys think the new Neve/Steinberg collaboration will be?

I really hope it’s hardware. The world doesn’t need yet anouther VST plugin…

It’s a Rupert Neve mask. Full head covering, so that you can pretend to be him and get into trade shows. Also models his ears in a special leather so your mixes sound better. Mastering the voice takes a while though.

Probably very expensive!!!

It’s 2 new USB2 audio interfaces. With Neve transformers. 4 in and 6 in. No use to me since I need interfaces with a lot more inputs. There was a post on facebook. Ed

I hope it doesn’t replace the UR28M, and then they kill it off by not keeping the drivers updated.

“Houston, we have a problem …” :laughing:

I don’t think these are going to replace the current UR line, at least not for now. Also, all Yamaha Steinberg audio interfaces since 2010 have used the same set of drivers, including the new UR-RT series. You can be sure that they’ll continue updating the drivers for your interface for a very long time.

I’m about due for a new soundcard.

A little more info from SOS