what do you have on your vocal chain

pitch correction ,compressor ,deesser ,datube ,eq on the inserts.
plate verb ,room verb , hall verb on the sent.

all cubase fx plugins used in this example.
whant to buy steinberg yamaha vintage plugins in the future. tryed the demo,s and loved the sound.
what i love about the fx plugins from cubase is the ese of use.

Like all these type of threads, it depends on the song, the performance & what I am trying to do.
There is no such thing as a chain that fits all…
If you are looking for that expensive sound, you cannot beat the combination of UAD LA2A into a Neve 1073.
Doesn’t work for all though - sometimes the bite of an 1176 is needed, or the smooth, clean sound of the Portico.

About the only thing that gets regularly done EQ-wise is an HPF to at least 120Hz - unless the singer is a bass, in which case the HPF may go down to 80Hz.

Reverbs are another thing you cannot ever say will fit all. Often an EMT140 will be great, equally often no reverb at all is great too - it depends on the song & the performance every time for me.

I generally only use Izotope Alloy.

Don’t know that one.
What is it? What does it do?

Alloy (currently at version 2) is a channel strip with an EQ, DeEsser, Dynamics, etc. I am no good at giving a sales pitch, but here is a link to the product pages.