What do you have to do to get Asknet support to respond?

I have raised a ticket on Ask Net support page about an order that has not arrived , UPS Staff has said the package has been lost and the sender needs to lodge a claim to investigate.

Its been over a month and Im loosing time and money waiting for the USB e-Licencer to arrive.
(is there any way of activating cubase Pro 11 without the USB e-Licencer?)

No response from steinberg support… Any idea on how to get some traction on this…?

I don’t know. seems like TS at a whole bunch of companies is in vacation right now. weeks to get response.
You should contact whomever you bought the eLicenser from, not Steinberg, unless you bought it direct :confused: honestly its cheap enough to just order another from one of the larger online gear vendors and worry. about a refund later.