What do you think of “raiser”?! (I’m in love)

Ok, so I bought Cubase pro in December last year so I was eligible for the free upgrade

I’m finishing my first song intended for commercial release on a new studio build- and in the past I always used 3rd party mastering services -
And now I’m at least attempting to master my own stuff, so I’ve been trying demos of every limiting plugin I can find-
Ozone- TG mastering chain- Fg-x, the entire “L” series from waves-

It’s been many years since I’ve mastered anything so I want the best-

What I’m finding; at least with this track- is that because it’s a “dirty , vintagey rock song with some modern elements; that some of the more “colored” limiters aren’t doing me very much good-(it’s taking the saturation and midrange that’s already there, and pushing it over the edge )

Until the update to Cubase 12 the waves L2 gave me the best results-

It was more transparent and made everything louder- great!

So then I tried raiser- and OMG ITS INCREDIBLE-

To me, it sounds similar to the l2 but when I toggle between the two -
The L2 has far less energy, sounds dull in comparison, and simply doesn’t make it as loud-

Point is RAISER IS EPIC! Or is it just me

It sounds full, slightly accentuating the low end, clear, transparent and the results are SUPER loud and clear

I’m in love

I hope people catch on to this plugin- because I haven’t been this in love w a stock limiter in ANY daw

Anyone else totally diggin raiser or is it just me?

I mostly do rock (or anything w live instrumentation) so I rarely limit anything prior to mastering , If anyone has used it for a track or group/buss lmk!


I like it too.

I miss on your list:
Fabfilter Lro-L2
Oxford Limiter

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I’m using NUGEN ISL2. It’s a winner