What do you think these are (stealth notes)?

Look at the attached screen grab from the Key Editor. The highlighted notes were moved from the first couple of bars to show what’s happening. In the empty bars (and others later that are hidden) there are grayed out velocity lines. I can’t figure out what these are. Initially I thought I’d accidentally left some muted notes out of visual range - above or below what’s shown in the window. But scrolling up & down shows nothing there, plus checking with the List Editor shows no data in those bars. Only one MIDI Part is open in the Key Ed, so its not something in another part. Also I can’t edit those lines by drawing in the Velocity Lane (which seems only proper for a non-existent item).
stealth notes.JPG
This doesn’t really effect anything, but it sure has got me curious about what’s going on.

I can informatively say that I have absolutely no idea! LOL
Is it still there if you save then reload the project (maybe after relaunching Cubase?) ?
Do you see anything in the Info Line if you select one of those ghosts?
If you play from the beginning, does anything show in the MIDI Monitor Insert FX for that MIDI track?

If those ghost events are not outside the Part Start Boundary, it looks like they belong to Muted notes anyways… try selecting them and Unmuting?
Can you see anything in the Score Editor?

Good idea Vic on closing down everything. The lines just disappeared, so I’d guess it’s got something to do with some sort of graphics cache/repainting hiccup.

Alarming as that is when it happens, at least they are harmless :wink:.