What do you use regions for?

Though I have worked with Cubase for many years, I don’t see a practical use for regions. I’m curious, how do you guys use them in your workflow? Either I’m missing something, or it’s just not really necessary to use them in my workflow.

I see that I’m not the only one having this problem. :wink:

tbh I had to google it.

Just from a quick look - it might be a way of getting a small part of an audio file being used in the project in to the sampler track.

I dont use this feature so idk… might inform myself now too…lol

but, if it is as you say it is -> just grabbing the one part of the audio somehow… then … I think it should be automated and in the background and work intelligently with us…

(how many times do we need to bounce first, just to get bpm changes warped correctly, or to drag that part of the audio to somewhere else etcetc…)

Every “visible” event should have auto-region activated by default…

(gonna read n check up on it later)

Here is a video I made showing one way to use it. More valuable in post audio, not so much for music. E.g. Exporting bits of dialog out of one long audio file in me shot.